Windfestival 2020 in Diano Marina: fun and sport

An image of the Windfestival event held in Diano Marina


Windfestival 2020 in Diano Marina: fun and sport

October 04, 2020

The bad weather made us fear the worst, yet here we are once again to follow one of the most awaited events of the year in Diano Marina. We are talking about the Windfestival, which has been occupying the Bagni Delfino area with its stands for eight years now.

After Aromatica, we have also participated with pleasure in this other eagerly awaited event. For some time now, in fact, the organization of TF7 Open Sport Asd, in collaboration with the Department of Sport of the Municipality of Diano Marina and Gestioni Municipali Spa aims to make this event a national reference point, animating the Gulf of DianoA surfer struggling with the wind during the Windfestival

Windfestival 2020: the best Action Sport festival in Italy

This year's objective was, for the organisers, to become the largest Expo dedicated to all "action sports" in Italy. For this reason it was decided to enlarge the exhibition area, structuring the stands in five different thematic areas:

  • Water/wind area
  • Outdoor area
  • Paralympic area
  • Classic sport area
  • Emergency village

Shopping was a great surprise, naturally dedicated not only to professionals, but also to lovers of technical sportswear, surfing, biking or hiking. Many companies in the sector have been taking part in the Windfestival in Diano Marina for years thanks to the advantageous economic conditions, compared to other similar events in the rest of Italy.

Some stands at the Windfestival

Not only competitions at the Windfestival

In addition to the eagerly awaited surf and windsurfing competitions and exhibitions, attended by professionals such as Mattia Fabrizi, Thomas Traversa and Alex Mussolini, the Windfestival is also an inclusive event open to Paralympic athletes, who perform in training and competitions in various disciplines such as:

  • Windsurf
  • Surf
  • Sup
  • Water polo
  • Weighing

We met some members of a water polo team, The Granda Waterpolo Ability: the president of the association, Orazio Tallarita, and one of the athletes, Marco Salvatore Veglia. During the interview with Vice President Andrea Gallone, we also learned more about the association. With 14 athletes, each with different disabilities and peculiarities, the Granda Waterpolo is one of the largest water polo teams in Italy. Each athlete brings with him or her own skills. Yes, because what are considered "disabilities" in everyday life can turn into extraordinary strengths in the water. A great example to always keep in mind.

Orazio Tallarita and Salvarore Vigil of the Granda Waterpolo Ability

There are also numerous side activities designed for everyone, whatever their level of experience.

Hiking and biking

Thanks to the collaboration with the amateur sports association "Monesi Young", it was possible to take part in three excursions with GAE guides, scheduled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to discover the hinterland of Diano. The level of difficulty was easily accessible to everyone, with a walking time of about 2/3 hours, and the possibility to visit some hamlets of Diano Marina , Cervo and Diano Castello .

The association "Biciciclando", instead, took care of the mountain bike excursions, of different levels of difficulty, free of charge and with certified guides.


The active participation was then guaranteed by the presence of schools that allowed to participate in short free lessons of windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, sup, mountain biking, skateboarding, sailing. In short, no excuses! Anyone, at any age, can approach an action sport. Passion and dedication are the secret to practising the activity of your dreams!


A special place was dedicated, as always, to running. Different levels of difficulty, such as the Windrun, an amateur 5-mile non-competitive race, and the FamilyRun, a walk open to all. Even the youngest were able to compete in the race, the Babyrun, for children of all age groups. Finally, the curious run on heels (strictly stiletto) which took place on Saturday at 4.30 pm.

The wind kept us company all weekend, as well as the enthusiasm to see our Diano Marina come alive with smiles and genuine fun!

Kitesurfing at the Windfestival of Diano Marina

The departure of an athlete of the Windfestival from the beach of Diano Marina


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