Ligurian Riviera bike path: from Bussana Mare to Ospedaletti

The bike path of Sanremo in the former station area

Discovering the Ligurian Riviera

Ligurian Riviera bike path: from Bussana Mare to Ospedaletti

May 19, 2021

The previous time we started from the farmholidays Le Girandole for a new adventure: to discover part of the Ligurian territory through the bike path of Sanremo. This time we finish the route starting from Bussana Mare to pedal straight to Ospedaletti!


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Section of the bike path of Bussana Mare

Starting again from Bussana Mare

The break of these days allowed us to regain our strength to face the last part of the bike path of Sanremo. Armed with the best sporting intentions, we head towards Bussana Mare, taking the route we did from Arma di Taggia. We take advantage of this to enjoy what we didn't have the time to admire last time and to enrich our photo album.

View of the bike path of Bussana Mare

We meet almost immediately the first tunnel, short but still nice to cross, especially for the view that awaits us at the end: a breathtaking view of Sanremo, an area overlooking the sea. Here there is also a nice refreshment point, perfect for anyone who needs to stop after a long ride! From now on we will find a constant to accompany us in our journey: the sea in all its vibrant shades of blue!


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The entrance of the gallery in Bussana Mare


The landscape changes when we approach Sanremo, where we begin to see the first villas with their large gardens. Here the bike path takes on an urban aspect, going inside the city, just like we saw last time in Arma di Taggia. The difference, however, is that in this stretch the path remains close to the sea.

During our ride we are attracted by the view of Villa Nobel, the residence that the Swedish inventor and philanthropist chose for the last years of his life.


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The villa Nobel in Sanremo

The new port of Sanremo

Going straight ahead we arrive in the area of the new port, where the bike path approaches the Aurelia street and allows us to enter the city. We find parks for the children and a small pedestrian promenade that flanks the bike path, a wide beach after which we continue towards Bresca square and the fortress of Santa Tecla.

Bresca Square in Sanremo

This one, differently from what one could think, was not created for defensive purposes, but to control the people of Sanremo who had given life to an important popular insurrection in 1753.

The fort of Santa Tecla

The former station of Sanremo

After about 300 meters we arrive with our bike at the former station, where we notice a point where you can rent bikes and a large parking lot. If you arrive in Sanremo by car we advise you to leave it here and continue by bike, to really enjoy the city! At this point we resume the route after the old station.

Where to park and rent bikes in Sanremo

In front of our eyes there are many villas and luxury hotels with sea view, that tell us about the ancient touristic vocation of this city of the Riviera Ligure. The last part of the bike path of Sanremo passes by Pian di Poma, an athletic field, where we find a landscape similar to the eastern part of the city.

Hotel Miramare The Palace in Sanremo


The next stretch of road leads us to the long tunnel that connects Sanremo to Ospedaletti. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful tunnel, even though, as I said, it is very long. Here every detail tells us about the Milano-Sanremo, the important bicycle race that for more than 100 years has tinged the Ligurian roads with pink: from the signs that recall the important goals and the historical numbers, to the signs on the ground, also strictly pink.

Example of signage inside the Ospedaletti tunnel

After this stretch of tunnel we arrive in Ospedaletti, a small village that reminds us a bit of Santo Stefano al Mare. Here, too, we immediately encounter the former station, and we are greeted by the welcoming microclimate of the village, with its beautiful seaside promenade. The landscape, in which the bell tower of the church stands out, is really characteristic, with its many bars just waiting to welcome the first tourists.


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View of the village of Ospedaletti with its bell tower

The bike path ends after about 1 km and a half from the tunnel. We hope to proceed soon with the works that will complete the path, because with so many wonders to admire, the fatigue seems to have slipped on us!

Here we see the last stretch of the bike path of Sanremo. This concludes a route in which the seascape and the characteristic Ligurian seaside villages prevailed over the fatigue of pedaling!

On the way back we thought to return to Bussana to photograph the beautiful lighthouse, called Capo dell'Arma or Capo Verde. This is the first Ligurian lighthouse that we meet when we leave the French border. The next one is that of Capo Mele, 36.5 km away! It was built by the Genio Civile in 1912 but destroyed by German bombing during the Second World War. Its reconstruction was quite fast: since 1948 it is in fact working again.

The lighthouse of Capo dell'Arma in Bussana Mare

Our trip along the bike path of Sanremo ends here, but it will not be the last trip we will propose. We look forward to introduce you to other unseen views of the Ligurian Riviera, just a few steps from our apartments in Diano Marina!


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