Ligurian Riviera bike path: from Imperia to Bussana Mare

Bike path of Sanremo

Discovering the Ligurian Riviera

Ligurian Riviera bike path: from Imperia to Bussana Mare

May 09, 2021


The days are getting warmer and warmer in Liguria, and this makes us want to do some outdoor sports. Even our apartments are now ready to welcome the first tourists of spring. Everything seems to tell us that it's time to get moving and discover the territory. This time, however, in the saddle of a bicycle!

So we decide to ride along the Riviera Ligure bike path - the way for bikes and pedestrians that goes as far as Sanremo - starting from Imperia up to Bussana Mare (also known as Bussana Nuova).

Signpost indicating the bike path

The bike path of Sanremo: departure

Since 2008 it is possible to ride the bike path along the Riviera dei Fiori after the partial adaptation of the tracks of the old railway line. The work will be complete when a two-way bike path with a total length of 60 kilometers will be created! Currently, "only" 24 kilometers have been completed, joining 8 municipalities, from San Lorenzo al Mare to Ospedaletti.

Our journey begins in Imperia Oneglia, at the end of the Incompiuta. From here we head towards Porto Maurizio, Prino area, where works are in progress to unite this stretch with the bike path.

The future bike path in Imperia, Prino area


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From San Lorenzo al Mare to Costarainera

A relaxing atmosphere welcomes us in San Lorenzo. The warm light of spring allows us to see a variety of colors and incredible scents. The route is easy and we can ride peacefully, enjoying the view around us.

We are on the cycle path that crosses San Lorenzo al Mare. The weather is mild and allows us to enjoy the ride in peace, admiring at the same time the surrounding landscape.

The old station in San Lorenzo

We find ourselves immediately in front of the former train station, to continue for a stretch of about one kilometer along a tunnel, which leads to Costarainera. Before this tunnel, however, there is the connection with the Wellness Park named after Giacomo Filippo Novaro, where we stop to look around and take some pictures. At the end of the gallery we arrive in Costarainera, where an area with benches on the sea is waiting for us: an enchanting place!

Detail of the Wellness Park in San Lorenzo al Mare

From Santo Stefano al Mare to Riva Ligure

At this point we continue our journey by bike. We ride in the direction of Santo Stefano, the third leg of the Riviera Ligure bike path. This stretch excites us because we enter the interior of the town, with some points near the sea, where we can admire the old fishermen's houses. Continuing we find ourselves in the tourist port of Marina degli Aregai, one of the most important in western Liguria, whose views have literally captured our hearts.

The tourist port of Marina degli Aregai

We would stay here to admire the landscape for a long time, but we have to continue our journey towards Riva Ligure. This turns out to be one of the jewels of our Riviera, with its narrow streets that lead to the village. The bike path here divides the center of the town from the more distant areas, allowing several stops on the waterfront or at places of historical interest, such as the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio.

Facade of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Counsel

From Arma di Taggia to Bussana Nuova

We then move towards Arma di Taggia, where the route develops along a straight line parallel to the Aurelia road. We then make a stop at the Archaeological Park of Capo Don - Costa Balenae, where we find the remains of an ecclesiastical complex of early Christian and early medieval age, a cemetery area of the same period and traces of an ancient mansio of the Roman imperial age.


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We are in front of the archaeological site of Capo Don - Costa Balenae, where we can admire, although closed, the traces of settlements of different ages, from the Roman imperial era, up to the early Middle Ages.

Then we pedal towards the fields, where the bike path detaches from the main road to reach the mouth of the Argentina torrent, from where it is possible to admire the Triora valley.

The mouth of Argentina torrent

The path continues in the center of the village, as an internal communication route, perhaps to encourage a sustainable viability in a future perspective, even if the view of the landscape, unfortunately, suffers.

The bike path in Arma di Taggia


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Leaving Arma di Taggia, our journey along the bike path of the Riviera dei Fiori leads us to Bussana Nuova, a hamlet of the town of Sanremo. From here we can't help but stop to take some pictures and observe the valley where the ancient village of Bussana Vecchia stands out, visible from the bike path. Beyond a bridge we observe also the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, rebuilt after the terrible earthquake of 1887.

The view of Bussana Nuova from the bicycle path

The landscape encountered in Marina degli Aregai, as we mentioned before, had bewitched us, so we decided to go back to stay a few more minutes, and finally enjoy the burning sea at sunset, celebrating this wonderful day to discover the bike path of the Riviera Ligure!

Marina degli Aregai at sunset


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