Sale of agricultural products

We want to be a reference point  for our territory. For this reason we are very careful to the seasonality and we guarantee the direct sale of our agricultural products in Diano Marina and in west Liguria.

Immagine del basilico prodotto nell’Azienza Agricola


We have been growing basil since 1967, and over the years we have concentrated our activity on the production and sale of Genoese Basil PDOs.

From the love for this small plant with unique characteristics, it was born our greatest commitment to constantly guarantee the highest quality of a “from farm-to-table” product.

A well-established symbol of a rural land, our Genoese Basil PDOs is characterized by elliptical and fragrant leaves, in which intense aromas of salt and essential oils are concentrated.

Oxheart tomato

Tomatoes "cuore di bue"

The tomato “cuor di bue” is another flagship among the agricultural products for sale in our farm. The greenhouse cultivation begins in December, and in April the first ripe fruits are harvested. With its irregular shape, the tomato “cuor di bue” also stands out for the presence of the characteristic "ribs". The balanced taste of this fruit with red and compact flesh makes it ideal for summer salads and excellent for making "Cundijun", the typical Ligurian dish.

Immagine dei carciofi prodotti dall’azienda agricola


Also available for direct sale in our company another of our most delicious agricultural products: the spiny artichoke from Albenga. With its conical shape and iridescent leaves, our artichoke differs from other varieties of central and southern Italy for its delicate taste, with a good balance between bitter and sweet. We start growing the plants in August, and then we harvest them between December and April, when the soil has absorbed enough water. The artichoke is a concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts that gives character to salads, if eaten raw. Excellent also in first courses, and to make delicious frisceu, the typical Ligurian salty pancakes.

Immagine delle fave prodotte dall’Azienda agricola

Broad beans

On a land of about 800 square meters of the farm we grow and sell from farm-to-table our broad beans, they are among the most popular seasonal products. We start the cultivation in open field at the end of summer, and we wait for their natural ripening, which usually takes place at the beginning of January.

In mid-March we proceed with the harvest, when the plant has reached its largest size and the pods are up to 30 centimetres long. Broad beans are an unfailing resource in the countryside and on Mediterranean tables. Rich in protein, iron and fibre, they are the main ingredient of a little-known Ligurian recipe: broad bean pesto.

Immagine di altri prodotti coltivati dall’azienda agricola

Other agricultural products

A smaller production of vegetables that you can find on sale at our farm is reserved for lemons, zucchini "trombette" and aubergine. It is a form of cultivation linked to the natural cycle and to  farm-to-table philosophy.

Our lemon plants provide us about 10 quintals of golden fruits every year, whose rind is perfectly edible because we do not use any pesticides.

The zucchini trombetta d'Albenga are instead a pride of Ligurian agricultural production. This autochthonous variant, with its curious twisted shape and juicy flesh, is characterized by a delicate taste that makes it perfect to make the most varied recipes, such as the tasty sweet Ligurian pumpkin pie.

Finally, our aubergines. Small and round, to the point that they fit perfectly on the palm of a hand, they have an intense purple colour and are almost seedless. They are perfect for many recipes and for this reason are sought-after especially by restaurants and hotels in the area.

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