The Carnival of Diano Marina 2020: the parade of floats returns

Immagine del carnevale di Diano Marina


The Carnival of Diano Marina 2020: the parade of floats returns

February 27, 2020

Now in its 53rd edition, the Carnival of Diano Marina - organized as always by the association “Famia Dianese” - has confirmed itself as one of the most important events of the Gulf of Diano. This year the wait was particularly heartfelt, since for several years we had not seen the classic parade of floats in the square.

The funniest party of the year, the day dedicated to children and all adults who put aside their daily worries for one day, finally saw the central streets of our town come alive with music and confetti.

Image of the band of Diano Marina

The programme of the Carnival of Diano 2020

The party started on Sunday morning at 10.00 am with the Carnival of the little ones. The unmissable entertainment activities with jugglers, clowns and make-up-children were the protagonists of the party dedicated to children.

From 2.30 p.m. the real event took place. To open the party, led by showman Gianni Rossi, were the Band of  Città di Diano Marina, the Band Canta e Sciuscià of Sanremo, the Flag Wavers of the city of Alba and the folklore group Tropical Folies of San Benigno Canavese.

Image of the Sanremo music band

There were eight floats that we admired on Sunday afternoon, made by the following groups:

  • I Perdigiurni
  • San Peotti
  • I Marmessi
  • Amixi de Sambartumè
  • Spanteghai
  • Goliardi Dianesi
  • Quelli da sciumaia
  • Tropical Dream

Fun and not only

The goliardic attitude has never failed, despite the reference to current issues such as the one proposed by the I Marmessi wagon. "A sea of plastic" was in fact the reference project of this group that wanted to remember Greta Thunberg's message.

Many and nice also the other groups who have worked hard during these months to carry on the tradition of the Carnival of Diano.

Image of the Marmessi floats at Carnival

The event was opened by the "Zafari" wagon of "I Perdigiurni", a colorful group in which children dressed as animals of the savannah threw their confetti. To follow "Pop 2000" of "San Peotti"; "Joker" of "Amixi de Sambartumè"; "Moulin Rouge" of "Spanteghai"; "Castelli e principesse" of "I Goliardi Dianesi"; "Follie du Brasil" of "Quelli della Sciumaia" and finally the Brazilian group "Tropical Dream", which with their brilliant costumes and dances, involved the audience.

Picture of the Tropical Dream parade

The origins of Carnival

But what drives us to disguise ourselves? Carnival has very ancient roots dating back to ancient times, when every year in this period the renewal and fertility of the earth was celebrated. The most recent testimonies, which have come down to us, remind us of the Greek Dionysiacs and Saturnals of Roman times. On these occasions the parades of masks were intended to represent the chaos that emerged from the animal and wild world, to win over the order imposed by the civilization of men. A reversal of values that found sublimation in the intoxication and playfulness of the participants.

Today almost nothing remains of the ancient rites, except the joy that characterizes the reversal of roles. An occasion to have fun, hide one's identity and pretend a new one: Carnival allows adults and children to change shape, to assume an animalistic or fantastic nature.

Carnival jokes are a timid reminder of the excesses of the past. Music and cheerfulness are the common thread of a party that is now the favourite of children.

We enjoyed seeing our Diano Marina so alive and participating in the Carnival. A way to rediscover the most lively sense of a community that manages to have genuine fun. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a new route for the Carnival of our city!


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