Salto nel blu: a dive in the Gulf of Diano

Some cyclists crossing the Jump in the Blue trail

Dianese Gulf Municipalities

Salto nel blu: a dive in the Gulf of Diano

March 23, 2021

Among the guests of our farmholidays in Diano Marina we often have MTB lovers. And it is no coincidence that they choose to come to this portion of the territory. The Gulf of Diano, in fact, is home to the famous Salto nel blu, a springboard located in the path of the antennas, inside the Bike Park. This particularly scenic place comes alive every year with Freeride, Enduro and Downhill enthusiasts, confirming western Liguria as one of the most popular destinations among the MTB circuits.

Group of cyclists riding along the trail

The MTB trail Salto nel blu

The Salto nel blu (Leap into the blue) is the best known of the various MTB trails included in the Bike Park. It is a panoramic path that starts from Andora and ends on the crest of the hill in Conna, on the valley that divides the territory of Andora from that of Diano Marina, but it can also be reached from Cervo. It is inserted inside the so-called "Trail Antenne", in the eastern part of the Bike Park, that from San Bartolomeo leads to Cervo.

Some trails of the Antenne trail

From the antennas of Capo Mimosa, the path - about 4 km long - winds in a series of passages on dirt road, some quite challenging for the off-road beginners, but rewarded by the extraordinary view on the coast at the end of the path.

View of Cape Mimosa from Salto nel blu

For the beginners no problem: there is also the "Chicken line", that is the alternative path, easier to walk, dedicated to the less experienced.

Signpost for the Chicken line


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Not only Salto nel blu: the other MTB trails in the Gulf of Diano

From Diano Marina to San Bartolomeo al Mare, passing through Cervo, there are many trails for the lovers of MTB and related adrenaline disciplines: Downhill, Enduro and Freeride. For this reason some tours have been created within scenic contexts without comparison, immersed in nature and overlooking the sea.

Signs indicating the various MTB trails

For the downhill paths, in particular, the bikers can take advantage of a shuttle service for the transport of the bicycles provided by the associations that organize the tours, in order to easily reach the paths.

The springboard of the Jump into the blue


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Here are the most important routes:

  • Maiali: it develops above Diano Marina and Diano Castello, ending in San Bartolomeo. A very physical path with dirt roads with a rocky bottom and numerous sections with jumps. Fun guaranteed!
  • Molini: it is located on the left of the Maiali trail, it starts with a "steep" section and continues with dirt and rocky sections, characterized by the presence of curves.
  • Antenne: we are in the eastern part of the Bike Park, in the historical trail where, halfway, there is the famous Salto nel blu. It crosses the Ciapà Park, in the territory of Cervo.
  • San Rocco: perfect for Downhill enthusiasts. Here, in fact, are organized competitions of this discipline, given the particular conformation of the ground, made of banks, jumps, with technical sections dedicated to experts.
  • Joker: new trail that runs parallel to the Antenne Trail, with many jumps and sections to be covered at speed. For some it could dethrone the beauty of the Jump into the Blue!

Of course, these trails can also be reached independently thanks to the presence of maps, available in paper format or downloadable online from the  website of Tourism of Diano Marina.

In this video we see up close a cyclist who tries his hand at the trampoline of the Jump into the blue. The peculiarity of this path is not only the fun of the jump, but the beauty of the landscape in front of us, which seems to offer the possibility to dive into our beautiful sea!

We do not hide the fact that we are passionate about sports tourism, because it allows those who stay in our apartments to have fun and at the same time take home the memory of the beauty of our territory. What more could you ask for?


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